Tuesday, June 14, 2011

70/30 Rule and a Sexcapade with Apollo-Ra

I told myself I'd take a sabatical from clubbing (which is really bar hopping on this rock) to devote more me-time to my anorexic blog, but that sabatical, albeit successful -- cosigned with my blogging intentions. So perhaps I was even cheating on my blog with my work emails, but I'm back to write about my relationship with Apollo-Ra.

I may not be the best to take advice from particularly on the subject at hand, but I think that I am pretty well qualified to speak on this. What started off as a casual fling before or sometimes after work, turned into a love affair and now Ra and have been getting hot and heavy for awhile. Our relationship fills me with energy, radiance and has my endorphins on high, but like any healthy relationship I took the famous 80/20 rule (thanks Tyler Perry), and altered it to our needs. Before this summer lovin' comes and goes leaving me burned -- I have the 70/30 rule to make sure I get mine. You might want to use this too in your relationship -- especially this season, so pay attention...

SEVENTY [70]: Interaction is key in any relationship -- especially when it's physical. Embrace each others warmth. Feel the heat and blissfully burning sensation by taking time out to soak all the energy around. Sweat it out, like The Dream sang and for added benefit with this escapade, I recommend the following for the ultimate climax.

Coconut Oil -- make it extra virgin

Use protection -- don't be stupid.

 THIRTY [30]: Time apart is the 30 of this rule and it's absolutely necessary to keep the glow and sparkle in your relationship. When you are apart you still NEED to maintain and keep everything right, so the next time you bite into the 70 piece of the pie, you'll never be left without an orgasmic smile and that glowing skin.

Mister Radiant by Givenchy -- The MUST HAVE!

Mister Bright by Givenchy -- For a QUICKIE

Refined Golden by MAC -- If you're desperate.

Self Sun by Clinique -- To hold you over until the next session

Gel Bronzer by Clinique -- when the relationship turns gray

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