Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beauty + The BITCH

...I have and will always be a fashion head, but currently in my career path I have detoured onto the beauty route and is coming to realize (with the help of my colleagues and friends in business) that Beauty is a Bitch. That's because it's truly the first and last glamorous industry in the game...

Recall the excerpt from above?

Beauty is a BITCH is not an exaggerated expression, but literal synopsis of the beauty business. I celebrate my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY today as a "Bronzed Beauty," (majority of course is nature blessed, but some product derived) my industry nickname from many colleagues. My company is amazing, my glam fam is amazing and I am excited for this journey.

I am not a makeup artist in case any of you are wondering and the Divas will be the first to wave brush in my face and tell me to move, but I can tell you this -- my deep set almond eyes, high cheekbones and signature pout leave me more than qualified to run my beauty floor.

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