Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beauty + The BITCH

...I have and will always be a fashion head, but currently in my career path I have detoured onto the beauty route and is coming to realize (with the help of my colleagues and friends in business) that Beauty is a Bitch. That's because it's truly the first and last glamorous industry in the game...

Recall the excerpt from above?

Beauty is a BITCH is not an exaggerated expression, but literal synopsis of the beauty business. I celebrate my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY today as a "Bronzed Beauty," (majority of course is nature blessed, but some product derived) my industry nickname from many colleagues. My company is amazing, my glam fam is amazing and I am excited for this journey.

I am not a makeup artist in case any of you are wondering and the Divas will be the first to wave brush in my face and tell me to move, but I can tell you this -- my deep set almond eyes, high cheekbones and signature pout leave me more than qualified to run my beauty floor.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ohh, suki suki now -- T O K Y O

FOREVER and ever, my heart's in Tokyo...[at the MatsuyaGinza XXI -- first stop]
Okay so my blog negligence is totally validated when the verb LIFE fucks you hard and you've got to take it like a gay man and ride through it 'bareback' and raw (FYI: if my humor is too provacative for your fancy then GET OVER YOURSELF). So, unless some dashing angel investor happens to stumble upon my lonely starter of a blog and wants to fund my travel expenses to document fashion weeks; expect some blog negligence from time to time.

Anyway, I've been meaning to write about Tokyo and how my February trip shot inspiration through my thin veins faster than a shared needle filled with cocaine (again, if my humor is too much for your sheltered mind then GET OVER YOURSELF).

My friends and I took a trip to visit an amazing former boss and inspirational friend (Arigato Gozamaishita Bud-Sama) -- never did I think I would have fallen in L O V E with the city (along with the dapper folks that live there). I am considering making the move, but I know I definitely need to brush up on my Nihongo because it's like super sukoshi dake!

her gucci cosmetic pouch and Anna Sui mascara

his calvin x-underwear and RL rugby socks
After our hour and half airport limo ride from Narita to the Hotel Gracery, Ginza, I was able to take off my Kenneth Cole military boots and vintage military trench to get freshened for one hell of a trip! Yeah of course I did the shopping scene from Omotesando, Shibuya, Ginza... but I did get a taste (literally a taste from bar to fucking bar) of the night life in Roppongi. I can't say where I went just for the sake of confidentiality and I don't want people knowing, unless you're a local [or have been there before] you can probably recognize the backgrounds.

After a delicious dinner (where my girls tore the place down like it's hot) and five bar stops later with rounds of mai-tais, Japanese sake, and the best tasting Sapporo, I mean carbohydrate in the world; my crazy boos and I (Jazyl, I love you) found ourselves spotlighting the stage in a crowded club in the heart of Roppongi dancing with random (fortunately decent-looking) people. Those flicks are not surfacing here =), sorry.
A few hours pre- Roppongi...
A few hours post- Roppongi

4:00am meal of champs
Meeting up with one of my beauty boos [TINA!] in the middle of Shibuya for an impromptu fried rice and chicken dinner date was truly the icing on the cake (that's just a figurative because who eats that junk anyway?!). Actually, I take that back, the McGORGEOUS I saw in the H&M elevator was the icing or maybe I just wanted to lick the icing off the hottie (less carbs and calories than cake you know)!

This blog could go on forever especially coming from a verbose and pertentious wannabe writer allowed to freeingly express his thoughts, but at the end of it all -- T O K Y O was fucking EPIC. Gordon von Steiner better watch out because maybe GQ would want me to blog my photos for them, but that might have to wait until my Tokyo Part Deux, right boos?! To end on that note...

What happens in Tokyo, stays in Tokyo...

And we shut it down, literally!